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Leap Towards Your Dreams: Dance Gives You Wings

Welcome to Leap of Joié’s blog! This blog will offer you insight in the life of a dancer. The goal is to provide a media platform for LOJ dancers to stay updated on the lessons taught, see what they need to practice, and differentiate and expand their learning. Other dancers will also learn so much they can apply to their developmental artistic growth.

Each week, we will post different blogs with varied information. Topics include ballerina attire, ballet terms and moves, history of dance, health and fitness, community involvement, and more. Dance, dance, dance…a true gift to the world.

Even though everyone reading is not a dancer, you too see the beauty in the art of dance. Dance means different things to different people. It can be used to unite and unify, to celebrate, to evoke emotion, to love, to stand out, and so much more. Ballet is only one form of dance. Dance includes hip hop, jazz, modern, contemporary, lyrical, pointe, tap, tango, samba, country-western, bollywood…to name a few. Like us, dance is limitless. Dance is for all people in any situation.

Live a limitless life!

Dance gives you wings!

“Take a leap of faith, a leap of hope, and a leap of joie towards your dreams.” -Vyctori Joié

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