About Leap of Joié

Founded in 2018, by studio owner and artistic director, Vyctori Joié, Leap of Joié aims to serve both professional and novice dancers of all ages. LOJ serves to encourage limitless confidence, growth, and exploration. With grace, stage presence, and a winning, willing attitude, we believe you can become the best dancer you have ever been. We would like to take time to thank you for trusting us to invest into your dream of being a dancer.

Leap of Joié is a dream come true. The company’s primary focus is classical ballet while exploring and mastering various dance styles such as jazz, modern, hip hop, and tap. However, we are open to explore more dance styles with inquired interests.

What does Leap of Joié mean to you?

Leap of Joié
Facebook/Instagram: @leapofjoie

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